About Charlette

Charlette is a registered Yoga Teacher, a Mindfulness Coach and a Level 4 Pilates Instructor. She started her teaching journey in 2013 and has taken courses all over the world including England, The Middle East, India and Indonesia because she loves traveling as much as she loves to get you guys moving!

Charlette’s passion for movement began when she was even smaller than she is now, influenced by her auntie who is a professional dancer and comedian. She started ballet at the age of 3 and was encouraged to uptake Pilates to enhance her ballet training. Alongside this, her auntie introduced her to yoga and she began practising both around the age of 12. She credits her practice of both yoga and Pilates for her fast recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that she acquired in 2014.

Charlette’s work has taken her down a rehabilitative route which has fast become her passion. She has been fortunate enough to help people from all injury backgrounds, including brain and spinal trauma and uses her study of mindfulness and meditation as part of her rehabilitation program.

You can find out more about Charlette here: www.pomme-py.com