We are Meghan Radde, from the Mid-West, USA and Charlette Pomme from the South East of England.

We are radical life changers. We lead you in transforming your life. Starting with yoga, mindfulness and prescribed movement.

We live a dream life of Sukha and so can you.

Our Story

Charlette credits her practice of both yoga and Pilates for her fast recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that she acquired in 2014. She went from being housebound and unable to walk to the end of the road, to teaching part time hours in Kuwait two years later, where she met Meghan who elevated her recovery by guiding Charlette through her self-discovery programme.  

Inspired by the results and a common desire to help others, Meghan and Charlette quickly began creating Catch The Yogi on their living room floor.

We decided that it wasn’t okay to be anything less than happy. So we turned our attention away from what the rest of the world was doing on social media and we focused on ourselves. What makes us happy, blissful, safe? We used all of our collected knowledge of meditation, listening to body sensations and self-acceptance to transform our lives. As we did, we organically created the Sukha Series. It brought us to realise that we both want to live by the beach and to not only be fully back to health but to glow with health. We wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin daily and to feel free in every way possible; financially, creatively, physically and to able to explore the world without limits. We want to be around community, friends and family always and we wanted to have a home (something we each felt we hadn’t had for a long time).

Only 1 year later, we are living in Bali, we have created Catch The Yogi, we are stronger and healthier than we have ever been and we feel we have finally found our home.

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