The philosophy of CTY is created around freedom, adventure and travel, rediscovering the freeing feeling we all had within ourselves and our bodies when we were children.

Focusing on the journey and not the handstand we have stepped away from the physical practise of yoga. We believe that while those upside down bikinis on the beach are a welcome distraction for some, our world has become ‘stuck’ on this yoga limb and we want you to elevate past this, to Sukha (no matter what our bikinis are doing).

We re-ignite your desire to explore the world, and the most important person in it (you!), to uncover what truly brings you Sukha in a relatable and approachable way for yogi’s and non-yogi’s alike.

To understand your personal requirements for a life of Sukha (Sukha supplements) you need to truly understand who you are and why you are here. We show you how. Understanding your Sukha supplements unlocks huge personal strength and confidence. With or without our continued guidance you can take this learning forward and enjoy a Sukha successful life.