SUKHA [Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari:]
– Happiness, pleasure, ease, or bliss.
The pleasure of ‘sukha’ experienced within a being is an authentic state happiness that is lasting.

I have practised yoga, Pilates and other classes with Meghan and Charlette for almost 2 years.I have been inspired, encouraged, embraced, and educated throughout an amazing journey with these two yogis. I have looked forward to each class, knowing that I will always come out different, stretched physically and mentally a little more, humbled a little more, and loved a lot more!

The energy I experience in Meghan’s class is beyond describing, she fills the space with her presence, big smile and excitement, there’s always a feeling of accomplishment after, whether I bent, stretched, twisted or just sat there in silence.

Charlette always brings grace to the class and practice, be it a fast paced power yoga, Pilates or soft meditation. The compassion and composure in her words have unparalleled therapeutic influence.

I can’t have enough words to express how grateful I feel for having them both be a part of my life, not only as yoga coaches but also now as close friends.

With these two ladies I feel simply beautiful, inside out..


Manal Akkad

CTY will challenge you to express yourself in the most creative ways.

Imagine if everyone in the world was doing what made them happy? Why do you want the things you want? What beliefs are my own, and which are inherited? How do I show myself and others love? These are just a few topics deeply explored with CTY that have brought about life changing ideas, better relationships, a confidence boost in values, and a kick in the ass to take action and control of choices.

CTY is simple and profound. Peaceful yet wild. Most of all Meg, Charlette, and CTY are fun as hell.

Very little is needed to make a happy life … all you need is a little CTY on the journey.

Megan Guthmiller

When I think of Charlette and Meghan as a team, three words pop into my head: energy, commitment and motivation. Individually, the moment each one steps into her class, she brings so much energy into the room and motivates each member till the very last minute.

I, for one, became a stronger yogi due to them continuously motivating me in each class, and a happier yogi due to their uplifting spirits whenever they are around.

Collaboratively, Meghan and Charlette are a force to be reckoned with. They are bursting with energy and just simply (happy). Happy to coach, happy to be around their friends, and happy to see all the excited faces in their class.


The retreat in Thailand was one of the most inspirational experiences I have ever had. It made me grow stronger and connect with myself on a deeper level. It showed me how beautiful the world can be, if we look inside ourselves instead of outside.

Everything was well planned to make the most from the experience and to reach a new level of experiencing the world around us.

This trip touched both my mind and my soul in a very positive way.


Meghan and Charlette are true inspirations; We need more of them in this world. I have never met someone projecting so much positive energy as these two cuties do. I am not sure exactly why, but I like to just be around them. They’ve helped me a lot through the learning curve of becoming a yogi, and my experience has been phenomenal.

I encourage everyone to say hi to them, and get to know them as they have so much value to share. If I had to describe the two of them in one word, it would ‘enthusiasm’. I am so glad I got the chance to meet them.

As far as what they are trying to achieve, I personally was touched by their kindness and pure intentions. These two are trying to make people feel more peaceful and happy. They are true givers, and they do a wonderful job making everyone around them smile, literally, everyone. I could probably write a book about these two wonderful ladies, as they resemble beauty in their mind, body and soul.

Note: They will hug you, a lot.

Thank you Meghan and Charlette, much love x