What is CTY?

Catch The Yogi is an International Yoga Platform with a difference.


Say what?! 

Asana is the physical practise of moving through yoga poses.

There are actually eight ‘limbs’ of yoga, and Asana is only one of them. With Instagram and a sprinkling of ‘The Ego’ we feel that we, as a yoga nation, are starting to lose the real reason behind why we yoga, and instead have shifted to a focus of ‘yoga porn’ and delicious looking handstands.

That’s where we come in…

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Our mission is to help you to discover your purpose and gain clarity about your ‘WHY?’ on and off the mat.

  • We teach you the art of ‘Being Intelligent’
  • We lead you to uncover the ‘why?’ behind your handstand
  • We focus on the journey.. NOT the handstand!
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Catch Us

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Weekly Sunday Sukah Sessions- Walking you down the path to more happiness and un-sticking yourself. Weekly video content with homework and loads of hi-fives.

Weekly Wednesday Why’s?- Thought provoking questions and honest answers from Charlette and Meghan to help you discover your ‘why’ on and off the mat.

Does your Mumma Know you Handstand Like That?- Yoga porn ramblings.


Catch The Yogi Retreats

Bali – June & December 2017


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Who Are We?

We are Meghan Radde, from the Mid-West, USA and Charlette Pomme from the South East of England.

Just two Yogi’s, starting the Anti-Asana Movement. Sharing our ramblings about yoga porn and teaching yoga internationally.

We are radical life changers. We lead you in transforming your life. Starting with yoga, mindfulness and prescribed movement.

Catch us if you can!