Catch The Yogi is an International Yoga Platform with a difference.


Say what?! 

Asana is the physical practise of moving through yoga poses.

There are actually eight ‘limbs’ of yoga, and Asana is only one of them. With Instagram and a sprinkling of ‘The Ego’ we feel that we, as a yoga nation, are starting to lose the real reason behind why we yoga, and instead have shifted to a focus of ‘yoga porn’ and delicious looking handstands.

That’s where we come in…


The philosophy of CTY is created around freedom, adventure and travel, rediscovering the freeing feeling we all had within ourselves and our bodies when we were children.

Focusing on the journey and not the handstand we have stepped away from the physical practise of yoga. We believe that while those upside down bikinis on the beach are a welcome distraction for some, our world has become ‘stuck’ on this yoga limb and we want you to elevate past this, to Sukha (no matter what our bikinis are doing).


We re-ignite your desire to explore the world, and the most important person in it (you!), to uncover what truly brings you Sukha.

To understand your personal requirements for a life of Sukha (Sukha supplements) you need to truly understand who you are and why you are here. We show you how. Understanding your Sukha supplements unlocks huge personal strength and confidence. With or without our continued guidance you can take this learning forward and enjoy a Sukha successful life.

How to Catch Your Sukha

Scheduled Sukha Re-Meets (not retreats) and Sukha Summits

Catch your Sukha in person with Meghan and Charlette. Re-Meets (not retreats) and summits are held all over the world.


Demand your Sukha

If you have demand for sparking some Sukha then email us and…


Online Sukha School [Coming soon]

Take the Sukha Series online. A trilogy, written by you, where you are the lead role. Collect passport stamps and learn to Spark Your Sukha from the comfort of your own home.


Free Sukha


Weekly Wednesday Why’s?- Thought provoking questions and honest answers from Charlette and Meghan to help you discover your ‘why’ (and how to do it anyway).

YouTube [Coming soon]

Join in with our personal yoga practise while we travel

Catching Yogi’s- Interviews with the yogi’s we meet while we travel

Podcast [Coming soon]

Who Are We?

We are Meghan Radde, from the Mid-West, USA and Charlette Pomme from the South East of England.

Just two Yogi’s, starting the Anti-Asana Movement. Sharing our ramblings about yoga porn and teaching yoga internationally.

We are radical life changers. We lead you in transforming your life. Starting with yoga, mindfulness and prescribed movement.

Catch us if you can!